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Competition law compliance

It only takes one meeting to break competition law…

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If a company’s staff exchange competitively-sensitive, confidential information – even at just one meeting – that risks a breach of competition law. Learn more about what you can do if approached to join a cartel or to get involved in anti-competitive arrangements.

Business cartels: recent cases we've taken action on

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If you feel you might have witnessed an illegal business cartel, do the right thing and help us stop cartels by reporting them to us on our 'Cheating or Competing?' website. Protecting customers and ensuring businesses don’t collude to distort …

Nothing ventured, nothing gained - 10 questions to ask your lawyer when embarking on a joint venture

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Joint ventures have a lot of appeal and for good reason. When businesses join forces they can pool goods, services and funds to help them innovate and achieve commercial success that they couldn’t otherwise do alone. This is especially true …

We've published our annual concurrency report

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The CMA has published its latest annual report on the concurrency regime. In a nutshell, concurrency refers to the fact that both the CMA and sector regulators (such as the regulators in the communications, energy, water, aviation, rail, healthcare, financial …